Our Story



Flare Pops is an enterprise of Fresh Roots Farm in Polson, Montana...

Fresh Roots is a certified Organic family farm that specializes in strawberries, vegetables, and vegetable seed. Our produce can be found at our farm stands at the Polson Farmers' Market, Whitefish Farmers' Market, Mission Mountain Natural Foods, and Mrs. Wonderful's Marmalade Cafe in Polson, and also on the trucks of the Western Montana Growers' Cooperative. 

The Flare Pops enterprise is a result of our daughter's creative endeavors in the kitchen. Farm kids have plenty of time to explore while their parents work in far off fields. In our daughter's case, her explorations happen quite frequently with friends, and usually those explorations involve harvesting a seasonal fruit (strawberries), blending berries, pouring mixture in molds, placing the molds in the freezer, and then repeatedly opening the freezer in anticipation for frozen strawberry pops. Once frozen, the gleeful girls race around eating pops, and when finished the process is repeated. 

Ice pops are the taste of summer. Like Montana summers, they are here one moment and gone the next. Find us at Fresh Roots farmers' market stand, or contact us to cater your next event.